Online Safety and Security


Unfortunately, in this day and age, we must be aware of the dangers of the internet. Please let us help you protect yourself through the information provided here. There will always be risks, but this will help it less likely you will have problems while surfing the internet.

Using a Good Browser

Some of the top internet browsers are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.By using one of these browsers, you are less likely to have issues, because these companies upgrade often to keep people from stealing information you submit into online forms. Always make sure you allow the browser developer to send you updates. You will know that there is an update usually by the company sending some kind of message on the screen of your device.




Make Sure a Website Uses SSL

When you are at a place requesting personal information, make sure the page is protected by SSL (secure socket layer). This encrypts information you submit while banking, or submitting any information. Everything you do at is protected by an SSL, because we want to do everything we can to protect you, because you should expect that. Below is an example of what a website address looks like if the website is secure.

Use A Security Suite

A good security suite like Windows Defense Security Center is best for protecting your internet device as long as it is Windows-based. You should have a suite on any computer you use for the internet. A good security suite has antivirus, firewall and anti-spyware software. You should also at least have an antivirus on your smartphone. This is to help protect you from most of the dangers online. Although nothing works 100% of the time, a security suite will make it harder for people to steal your personal information when you bank online, or do anything else online. 

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Microsoft Edge