Again, thank you for your interest in Oak Grove First Baptist Church. My name is John Hickey, and I am the webmaster. Here, I will provide information concerning the website that you may need to know. You can also send email about your concerns to me. 

Send Me Pictures

To the right, there is a box to send uploads. Please send pictures through this method, or give me the pictures at church. Before any picture can be used online, you and every person in the picture MUST complete and turn in a copy of the Creative Commons Image Use Agreement for OGFBC. If you do not do this, the picture will not be used, no exceptions. 

Website Improvements

Our mobile website is getting some much needed improvements. 

Creative Commons Image Use Agreement for OGFBC

Creative Commons Image Use Agreement for OGFBC. You need Microsoft Word 97 or later to view document. You must print, fill in the requested information, sign and return agreement to Donna Ledbetter.


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