Ministry Ideas


Oak Grove First Baptist Church is devoted to reaching the lost for Jesus Christ. In an effort to constantly expand our efforts, we have produced this page. There is no silly idea as long as your motive is to love everyone and to reach the lost. As a member, you may already know how this is done, but this page is here for more people to get involved in fulfilling the call we all have as Christians. 

Write or type your idea with a creative name. 

Explain how you want this ministry to operate to reach people. 

What will it cost the you or the church? We will want a copy of receipts. If you're doing something to share love with us, we want you to be able to claim expenses on taxes. PLEASE WAIT FOR APPROVAL BEFORE MAKING PURCHASES.

Please submit these details to our Dr. Praytor. He is our undershepherd, so he must approve of your idea before the process goes any further.